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Russian Translation Services in India

When it comes to languages, Russian is one of the most sought after languages in terms of language services like Russian translation, Russian transcription, Russian certified translation, Russian medical and Russian technical translation. Russia is one of the major business and industrial hubs and when it comes to business expansion, most business owners want to target the huge Russian market that’s a gateway to all sorts of possibilities. This is where the need for Russian translation services in India comes in. But, before we discuss what the key points to remember before you hire a Russian translation agency, let’s take a brief insight into the evolution and influence of Russian language.

A Brief History

Russian is the native language of Russia and an official language in many other countries across Eastern Europe like Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan along with many other Baltic states. Russian is an East Slavic language which falls in the Indo-European language family. Russian is not just one of the most popular languages, but also the largest spoken native language in Europe and also the most widely spoken Slavic language with over 258 million total speakers in the world.

By 2013, Russian supposedly became the second most used language on the internet after English. Hence, Russian language translation gains an even more important role when it comes to targeting mass audience in the European market.

Enuncia Global Media Solutions

At Enuncia Global Media Solutions, we have an experienced and well-versed team of native Russian translators and Russian editors who can handle your Russian to English or English to Russian translation project flawlessly and efficiently. Having said that, despite of the fact that our quality is par excellence, we have the cheapest translation service rates in the global market. But, before you assign your project to be converted from Russian to English or any other language, you must understand the way this language works so that you don’t make mistake while choosing the right Russian translation agency.

Things to Remember While Seeking Russian Translation Services in India

There are many things that you need to bear in mind while you’re looking for translation agencies. But, depending on each language the complexities and barriers of every project would differ. Before you assign your Russian text conversion project to a Russian translator or a random Russian translation agency that might end up costing you much extra money than you bargained for, here are some points that you need to remember at all times:

Like any other language, Russian is complex and confusing. Especially when you compare it with English language. The biggest difference and complication could be the sentence construction. While English sentences are essentially based on the correct usage of grammar, Russian sentences are generally more dependent on word endings. Russian language speaker would consider a sentence correct if the ending word of the sentence is contextually linked with the whole sentence, even though it might not be grammatically correct as per English language standards. This is the reason when you look for a Russian translator or a Russian translation vendor, you must remember that they not just have to be proficient in Russian only, but they also have to be proficient in English, so that they can efficiently and accurately convert your content from Russian to English or English to Russian.

It is very important to remember that the concept of grammar in Russian language is very different from that of English language as are the meaning the phrases, proverbs and idioms in both the languages. It is very important for your Russian translator to have excellent writing skills if you want your Russian translation project to be concluded efficiently and accurately.

The most important aspect of any translation project is understanding the context of the content. When it comes to Russian language, the fact that their word forms have more than 21 variations, rather just singular and plural forms, unlike English language. And many of their words have different or multiple meanings. Before you handover your Russian text conversion project to any professional Russian translator, you must make sure that have understood the context of the content clearly and precisely, so that they can execute your Russian translation project accurately.

You must remember that providing a glossary for your Russian translator or Russian translation vendor is going to be helpful as it would clarify the context and usage of many words, but also bear in mind that maintain or controlling a glossary for Russian language is an extremely difficult task because of the existence numerous word forms of a single word.

Even though there are multiple complications while getting your content translated from or into Russian, we at Enuncia Global Media Solutions take pride in the fact that we have native Russian translators for all aspects of translation, like Russian legal translation, Russian medical translation, Russian certified translation, etc. While building this team, we’ve made sure that all our Russian translators have the kind of experience and exposure that is required to handle your Russian translation project. So, if you’re looking to have your content translated from English to Russian or Russian to English, look no further. Feel free to call or email for an enquiry at any point on time at +91-9315056112 or to get a quote. Our team of professional Russian translators are capable of handling any size of volume and ensure that your Russian translation project is delivered within the deadline and meets all quality parameters.


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